I-MU'ALLIM Course Champions Program

Online Training Help build I-MU'ALLIM's future one course at a time
I-MU'ALLIM is built one course at a time when faculty selects their course materials for open publication. Often the materials the courses represent a lifetime of scholarship and teaching, and give an act of intellectual philanthropy that touches the lives of millions of Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide.

Now, through our Course Champions program, you can demonstrate your commitment to knowledge as a public good by providing annual support for one of I-MU'ALLIM's courses. With your contribution, you join the I-MU'ALLIM online faculty in building I-MU'ALLIM course by course.


Our online courses offer you the opportunity to study at IIUM...wherever you are in the world. These short, intensive adult-learning courses are open to anyone with an interest in the topic and give you access to world-class learning led by IIUM experts. You will be able to study 'anytime, anywhere' and contribute to ongoing lively discussion and debate with your fellow students and your tutor.

Annual Support

Your Course Champion Gift of RM10,000 provides one year of support for the course of your choice on I-MU'ALLIM site. Your gift supports:

  • Ongoing delivery of your course
  • Delivery of your I-MU'ALLIM course to other Islamic countries
  • Teaching and technology innovation in the department of your course
  • Consider a percentage of the revenue between RM15,000 and RM25,000 to support several courses from a favorite professor or to support a favorite course for multiple years. We also welcome Course Champion support from groups of supporters, clubs, foundations and other charitable organizations.


Provides opportunities to build professional skills, acquire college creditin advance and immerse yourself in the life of the mind.

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Mean a quality education that you Can Study flexibly, wherever and whenever, you choose.

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Find out more about Online Learning, how it works and what you can expect

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Online learning at I-Mu'allim may be the start you've been looking for to get your degree work off the ground.

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List of Centres ...

  • Harun M Hashim Law Centre (HMHLC)
  • IIUM Graduate School Of Management (IIUMGM)
  • Centre for Langauge and Pre-University Academic Development (CELPAD)

List of Halal products ...

  • GranuMas
  • Nutrigama Gamat Jelly
  • iHand